Get Free Hotmail, Outlook and Office Online Account

Many people have an email address and a password, but they don’t have their email account connected to the websites they use on a daily basis. This is especially true for people who are going to be switching from one computer to another that has different operating systems installed on it. In order to take advantage of your current email account without having all the other websites you use being inaccessible, you can become a Microsoft Office Online Premium customer. Welcome to our guide on how to get and use Hotmail, Outlook and Office Online without paying!

Get Free Hotmail, Outlook and Office Online Account

What is a Microsoft account?

Microsoft accounts are different from other email providers because they offer single sign-in, routing and storage of personal data. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, it’s best to create one. A Microsoft account is a free email and password-based identity service for Microsoft software. With your Microsoft account, you can access your personal email, calendar, OneDrive files, Office Online subscriptions, and Xbox Live Gold membership.

Free Microsoft accounts and the perks

Want an email account, calendar, or word processor? Then you’re in luck. Microsoft offers free Microsoft accounts that include Hotmail, Outlook and Office Online. If you have a PC or laptop with Internet access and a browser, then you have everything you need to be productive on the go! Microsoft free email accounts offer a wealth of benefits including Microsoft Office 365, Burning Series and The various accounts can be set up on any platform to allow users to receive their messages on-the-go using the Microsoft email client. This allows users to keep both work and personal emails separate, without any cost or hassle.

Go to the Microsoft Account website to sign up

If you are using a Microsoft account, it is easy to create an email account. You can start with Outlook or Hotmail, but because Office Online is available for free with a Microsoft account, you can also sign up for it without paying for anything. Nowadays, you can get a Microsoft account for free without spending your time or money. Simply go to the Microsoft Account website and enter your email address to create a new account. You’ll be then asked to sign up for an Outlook or Office 365 account (depending on which one your are using) that will give you access to unlimited email, calendars, contacts, OneDrive storage and more.

Take advantage of free Microsoft apps

Get access to apps like Hotmail, Outlook, and Office Online. These apps are free to use with your personal Microsoft account. Browse through the different categories to find the app that is best for you. Microsoft has many free apps for office, email and scheduling. These apps are completely free to use with your Microsoft account and can help you save time. Get your free Microsoft account on Hotmail, Outlook and Office Online. Once you have a free account, access the Office Online apps for free in your browser. The Outlook app is only available to United States residents because it requires an American phone number.


The best part about this offer is that you never need to worry about your inbox. Every day, new emails come in and all you have to do is delete them. This means that you will always have a clean inbox without any spam or ads that clutter the space. So, if you’re looking for a new way to get your email and office subscriptions at no cost, then look no further. You can have all of the free accounts with just a few clicks. The importance of having your own domain name is that you have complete ownership over it and can use it to easily remember your email address. So if you decide to add a blog or online store, a website for the company you work for or even host your business on, remember to register a domain name before committing.

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